Jacoby has had the privilege of sharing his unique teaching style all over the country in places like New York University's Tisch School of Dance, University of Maine, New World School of the Arts, and Miami Arts Charter. He is actively traveling and sharing at dance studios and schools across the U.S. 

Class Description

Built off the belief that a strong technical foundation is essential for success in today’s contemporary dance practices. my class is a contemporary technique class designed to prepare the body and mind for the demands of contemporary concert dance repertoire. My class is built from pulling the basics and structures of Classical Modern dance vocabularies (e.g.,fall/rebound, contraction/release, twists, spirals) and interweaving ideals and exercises emphasizing dynamic alignment, head-tail connection, and core stability. The class begins with a series of exercises in center developing spinal articulation and finding sequential movement patterns in the body. The class builds to larger movements through the space using the pelvis as both a motor and an anchor. It culminates in phrases threading together these learned principals and implementing them through the lens of current concert dance repertoire.