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Current Online Teaching Schedule

My class is built by interweaving the principals of American modern dance and contemporary movement ideas. Emphasizing the importance and utilization of dynamic alignment, head-tail connection, and core stability as the impetus for movement. The class begins with a series of exercises in center developing spinal articulation and finding sequential movement patterns in the body. The class builds to larger movements through the space and culminates in phrases threading together these learned principals while implementing them in more complex movement sequences.


​Jacoby has had the privilege of teaching and sharing at various universities and dance schools across the U.S and internationally. Including NYU's Tisch School of Dance/ New Studio on Broadway, Steps on Broadway, University of Maine, New World School of the Arts, The White Mountain Summer Dance Festival, and Miami Arts Charter. 

Dancers Give Back (Teen Combo)
Bahamas Workshop 
New World School of the Arts- High School

For more info on teaching rates and availability please use the form on the Contact Page!

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